Wolf Alice

Having debuted on Huw Stephen’s ‘In New Music We Trust’ on BBC Radio One, North London’s Wolf Alice are set to release their debut single on 11th February through Chess Club Records in the form of ‘Fluffy’.

Wolf Alice made a spectacular entrance with the insatiable ‘Leaving You’ – a download only track that found its way onto Radio One, top of NME’s lauded Radar section, peaking the Hype Machine charts and finding the band with a swell of new fans following a tour with Pearce. The once-trio of Ellie Rowsell, Joel Amey and Joff Oddie – now joined by Theo Ellis on bass – release ‘Fluffy’ as another remarkable statement of intent, certifying their burgeoning reputation as one of London’s hottest new acts.

Far removed from their folk beginnings, ‘Fluffy’ rocks with a ballsy and unabashed nonchalance, echoing the raucous live sets the band have quickly become reputed for. Breaking from a groove-laden smack of distorted guitars and thumping drums, Ellie Rowsell’s tender vocals then take centre stage as the hypnotic tale of seeking cheap thrills in the mire of small town boredom forces an unadulterated high.