Dark Dark Dark

Dark Dark Dark will be playing End Of The Road Festival 2012.

Listeners everywhere are having a very emotional response to Dark Dark
Dark’s music. Their sophomore album, titled Wild Go, is ambitious and
layered, welcoming and familiar, and reminds us to seek out the wonder
and magic that surround us all the time. Their sound sets Nona Marie
Invie’s soaring, haunted voice against an array of traditional
instruments, balancing folk and high-art, creating music that is
making people crazy.

The 10-song collection is a marked evolution for the group, which
began in 2006 as a collaboration between Minneapolis based musicians
Nona Marie Invie and Marshall LaCount. These two songwriters bring
together disparate influences including minimalism, New Orleans jazz,
Americana, Eastern European folk, and pop. Using stark contrast in
texture, tone and imagery, the band has expanded and redefined their
sound for the new album.

In the studio the band worked with producer Tom Herbers (a Minneapolis
stalwart known for his credits with the Jayhawks, Low, and Soul
Asylum), recording live to tape at three different Minneapolis
locations, including a renovated church/studio and an old theater. Of
all the influences on Wild Go, perhaps the greatest is their
dedication to live performance and touring, where many of Dark Dark
Dark’s songs first come to life. Playing together, the band lifts
Invie and LaCount’s songs to another level.

“We try to create a magical space with our performances,” Invie says.
“I’m always blown away by the number of people that come up to me
afterward and say how much the music touched them. I love it when
people can dance and have fun at our shows, but it’s when people are
quiet and I can tell that they are feeling it on a personal level that
I feel like I’m really connecting.”

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