9Bach made their name by taking traditional Welsh Folk songs and recasting them onto a spectral and haunting sound canvas. Their debut, self-titled album was a beautiful and twisted journey, which created a blueprint for the band’s distinctly stark sound. New record Tincian, due out 12 May, builds upon those foundations creating an atmospheric, emotional record that reflects their home environment of Gerlan, North Wales.

Led by Lisa Jên’s exquisite vocals, the six-piece create a living, breathing, evocative, and emotional hybrid that combines traditional folk music with modern arrangements so striking and original that you’d never mistake 9Bach for anyone else. Sung in their native tongue, 9Bach’s music tells tales (some imaginary, some borrowed, some autobiographical) of quarry men, of strong and brave women, of lost children, of foxes feasting near blood stained streams in areas of natural beauty, of forgotten derelict houses, of nature, of slate, of red dust, of family and of ‘cariad’ which means love. Sometimes there is pain, sometimes anger, a harshness that rings a heavy sound. But there is also a beauty and serenity, a light and gentle sound that resonates much further.