Play End of the Road Festival 2014

September 2014 will see the 9th End of the Road Festival and once again we will be championing new and unsigned talent at the festival. We would like to celebrate all those bands and labels out there who, like us, embrace the DIY ethos, get out there and do it themselves, putting out their own records, booking tours and doing it all for the love of music!

Applications for 2014 are now closed 

Application Rules / Terms & Conditions:

  • > Only applications submitted through the online form will be accepted. We will not be accepting applications directly through any social media sites or to any of our email addresses.
  • > Only applications received by the closing date will be considered.
  • > There is no fee available for these slots (some travel expenses are covered).
  • > You must be available on the dates: 28th – 31st August 2014 inclusive.
  • > If successful, it is your responsibility to make your way to and from the festival, and you agree to be on time for your load in / stage time.
  • > If successful, you agree to provide the festival with all information, as will be requested in our ‘Artist Brief’, in a timely manner.
  • > We will not be accepting Emo, Metal, Hardcore Punk, Trance, Funk, Ska or Reggae acts (that’s not what our festival is about).
  • > You will only be contacted by the festival if your application is successful.
  • > We will announce the successful applicants on our website around the end of May 2014, please wait until then to find out if you made it or not. Please don’t email us to ask, as we have no way of knowing how your band is doing until the announcement is made.
  • > We reserve the right to close applications early if we exceed 2000 prior to the closing date.

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