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How can I get involved with the festival? Stewarding / Volunteering?

You can volunteer to be a steward at the End of the Road Festival, and further information is available under the Volunteering and Stewarding section. Roles are available within all kinds of areas of the festival from box office to information point, recycling and waste management to traffic control, workshops, camp site office and so on. We look forward to having a great bunch of you friendly & sensible peeps join our team in September – thank you!

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How can I play at the festival?

As we personally choose to book artists and bands that we love, we have a very long wish list each year of who we would like to see play. We also listen to what our friends wish for and to your comments on our forum etc when compiling this wish list. But, we really want to support new music as we know how hard it is to get to play at festivals, and hence we have dedicated about 10% of our slots to bands who apply to play.

We listen to every single band that applies and we will pick the bands that we like the best, it’s the music that matters! For exact details of how to apply – please go to the information section and all the details are in Play the Festival.

Applications are ONLY accepted between certain dates each year, and applications that are sent outside of those dates or directly to Simon or via myspace will not be considered. All applications need to go to the email address that we announce once applications open.

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I’m a comedian, how can I get a slot at the festival?

The comedy stage is programmed by the lovely Sarah Bennetto and you can contact her on the following email:

Please be aware that Sarah works on a pre-determined wish list and slots can be hard to come by.

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When do tickets go on sale?

Early bird tickets go on sale directly after the festival and when these are sold out we work on a tiered system. Tickets will increase in price throughout the year – therefore rewarding those early bookers. This is so that we can maintain some cheap tickets and ensure our overall prices are fair. The price gradually increases as we announce our line-up through the year.

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What do tickets cost?

The following prices are our final tier 2014 weekend tickets, and no booking fee is charged when buying through the End of the Road website:

Adults – £180 (reduced price tickets are available for early bookers through our tier system).
Youth 13-17 – £140
Children 6-12 – £95
Children 3-5 – £50
Campervan, caravan or live-in vehicles – £70
Postage & Packaging (per order) – £5

If you’re driving – there is also a £10 fee on arrival for parking. (You can benefit from reduced prices if you book in advance). Please our lift share scheme or use public transport as much as possible. Nearest train station = Salisbury.

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Where and how do I buy tickets?

You can buy the tickets directly from us, and if we decide to use ticket agencies, they will be listed in this section too. Please do NOT trust any other ticket outlets, than companies listed here on our official website.

If for some reason you can’t pay online we do also accept cheques, but booking over the internet is our preferred method. The address to send cheques is: End of the Road Festival Ltd, 25 St John’s Rd, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 3LG. Please read all the important information in the ‘BUY TICKETS’ section of our website before posting your cheque.

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How do I pay?

We accept payment by Paypal or bank transfer at present. If for some reason you can’t pay with either of these we do also accept cheques, but the above methods are preferred. The address to send cheques is: End of the Road Festival Ltd, 25 St John’s Rd, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 3LG. Please read all the important information in the ‘BUY TICKETS’ section of our website before posting your cheque.

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How will I know if I have a ticket or not?

When purchasing online, you will be sent a confirmation email (please check your Spam folder if you do not get it in your Inbox within 24 hours). There’s no need to print any confirmations or emails, please think of the environment. Your actual ticket will be sent to you nearer the time of the festival, some time in July / August. We can only account for the ticketing procedure when buying through our website, for terms & conditions when buying through End of the Road endorsed ticket agents, please refer to their websites/contacts.

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How do I get car parking or camper van / caravan / trailer-tent tickets?

Car parking is £10 CASH on arrival, please come prepared. Car parking can be purchased with your tickets in advance for a discounted rate. Live-in vehicles/Campervan/Caravan tickets are £55 and can be obtained from our website at the same time as purchasing your festival tickets.

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I’m under 18, can I buy a ticket?

Yes, but certain conditions apply. If you are 17 or under you will only be granted admission to the festival if you are accompanied by a guardian/parent/adult who is 21+. You will need to buy a ticket that is listed as for 13-17 year olds that can only be purchased at the same time as an adult ticket. Photo ID may be requested at the ticket gates (and in the bars) for anyone who appears to be under 21 years of age. If you are 12 years and under, please see question below.

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Do children 12 and under need tickets?

YES, at a reduced rate of £50. Children 5 and under are free. All children’s tickets (including the free ones) need to be purchased at the same time as an adult ticket, as all children need to be accompanied by an adult/ parent and they also need to be accounted for within our licensed capacity.

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Do I need to get a ticket for my baby?

Yes, and the free ticket needs to be booked in advance.

Due to our restricted capacity set by the licensing authority, our licence specifies a maximum number of bodies on site, and no matter how young or old – everybody counts! So even if your baby is only 1 week old – you would still need to purchase a free ticket in advance for your baby.

Please note that there are a limited amount of free child tickets, we advise you to book early to avoid disappointment.

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Why is there a limited number of FREE / £50 child tickets?

Due to our restricted capacity, our licence specifies a maximum number of bodies on site, and no matter how young or old – everybody counts!

We split the maximum number of people allowed on site between ‘Adult’, ‘Youth 13-17 years’, ‘Child 6-12 years’ and ‘Child 5 years and under’ tickets, with as many free/ £50 child tickets as we can, (roughly 400 under 5′s). Once these have sold out the only option is to buy the next category up.
We try to give advance warning as soon as there are only a few of these tickets left – to keep up to date, please join our mailing list (sign up on the front/home page).

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Can I buy a day ticket to the festival?

No, End of the Road only comes as a weekend ticket, as this creates a much more intimate festival with a real community spirit, compared to if the crowd was changing each day. We hope you understand, and we hope you enjoy the whole weekend with us.

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What if I live outside of the UK?

If you live outside the UK your ticket will be packaged up and sent to our onsite box office where you can collect it. This saves the risk of it being lost in the post. You are still required to pay the postage and packing fee.

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What information do I need when buying tickets?

You need to submit your postal address, email, telephone number and credit/debit card details. This is all done on a secure server.

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What if I move house between now and the Festival?

Please inform us a minimum of 3 weeks before you move on:

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How soon will money be processed?

Usually on the same day you buy the tickets but if not, within 5-7 days. If you are sending cheques, this will vary, but we will try to bank them within two weeks. Occasionally this could be longer depending on how often we are visiting our bank.

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What do I do if there are problems with the transaction?

Email and tell Rosanna all about it.

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How and when will tickets be distributed?

Tickets are sent out from mid-July onwards. Tickets will be sent via recorded delivery to the postal address submitted at the time of purchase. This means you need to sign for them, so if there is a delivery note on your door mat one day, please make sure you pick the tickets up from your post office as detailed on the card within one week.

If you buy a ticket through the festival website, you will be asked to give your name, email address, address etc in a form on our website. It is this address to which we will send the tickets. If your credit card has a different address, don’t worry, that’s just to authorise the payment. We will send tickets to the address you give us on the first form.

Please note that anyone in the UK buying from our website and paying the £5 postage and packing fee will definitely receive a physical ticket. If you bought your tickets from another End of the Road endorsed ticket agency, please go to their website for details.

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What do I do if I’ve bought a ticket – but it hasn’t arrived yet!

Please don’t worry, but if your tickets haven’t arrived by the 20th August, please email Rosanna on and she’ll sort things out.

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Can I cancel or return my tickets?

Tickets are not refundable under any circumstances other than event cancellation

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But I bought a ticket and now I can’t go – what shall I do?

We are happy to authorise ticket on-selling via Ticket Trust. Ticket Trust provides a ticket trading service for only the face value of the ticket. That means that you get your money back and other people don’t have to pay over the odds to enjoy the festival in your place. Ticket Trust will update us of the new owner.
Tickets sold on other websites or auction sites will become invalid and the owner will not be able to gain entry to the festival.

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Can I leave tickets for friends to collect at the box office?

No, please try to meet up before the festival or on arrival. The box offices won’t hold tickets for you and anyone arriving without a ticket will be refused entry to the site.

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What is the difference between the gates, wristband exchange and the box office?

The gate is where you walk in and out of the festival area, and where you need a wrist band to gain access. The gates are open from 3pm – 10pm on Thursday and from 8.30am on Friday continuously (24 hours) until 12pm on Monday. The Wristband exchange however, is right next to the gate and this is where you exchange your ticket for a wrist band, and this is only open certain hours: Thursday 2pm – 10pm, Friday: 8.30am – midnight, Saturday: 9am – 10pm, Sunday: 9am – 8pm, Monday: closed.
Box office is for people collecting tickets at the festival. This is located on the main drive and will be open the same hours as wristband exchange.

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How do I get to the festival?

We encourage lift sharing and/or using public transport as much as possible. The nearest train station is Salisbury, and the journey takes about 90 minutes from London, please go to for train times etc. The onwards shuttle bus journey from Salisbury takes about 45 minutes. Or if you do decide to drive, the site is off the A354, north east of Blandford Forum and south west of Salisbury, on the border of North Dorset and Wiltshire. For more details see Directions to the Festival Site page.

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How do I get from the train station to the festival site?

From/To Salisbury Train Station, there is a shuttle bus service on Thursday, Friday and Monday, with a limited service on Sunday evening and no service on Saturday. The trip to the festival site takes about 45 minutes from Salisbury, and the cost for the return journey is £TBC. There may be queues at peak times.

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If I arrive via public transport at a time when there is no shuttle bus – what are my options?

You can call one of the following taxi companies, who charge around £40 for the journey from Salisbury Station to Larmer Tree Gardens. These companies may have vehicles that can carry up to 6 people – however, please ask before assuming that you can all fit in, especially if you need space for a lot of luggage such as tents etc.

Salisbury Taxis (talk to Dave) – 07813 060 606
Onyx Private Hire / Willow Taxis (talk to Derek) – 01980 652 227
Spire Travel (Taxi/Chauffeur company) – 01722 320320

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When can I arrive on site? What hours are the gates open?

The earliest arrival is at 3pm on Thursday afternoon when gates are open until 10pm, gates open again at 8.30am on Friday and they then stay open until noon on Monday. Please be aware of the Box Office opening hours: Thursday 2pm – 10pm, Friday: 8.30am – midnight, Saturday: 9am – 10pm, Sunday: 9am – 8pm, Monday: closed.

The earlier you arrive, the more chance you’ll have of being set up and able to explore the site before the first bands are on. But don’t worry if you can’t come until the evening or Friday; you’ll have no problem finding camping space that’s still not too far from the main festival area. The whole site is very together.

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Do I need to exchange my ticket for a wristband?

Yes, you will be able to do this from our Wristband exchange at these times: Thursday 2pm – 10pm, Friday: 8.30am – midnight, Saturday: 9am – 10pm, Sunday: 9am – 8pm.
Children will get their own wristband with space to write their parents’ mobile numbers in case they get lost. Children are the sole responsibility of their parents / guardians at all times during the festival.

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What ID do I need to get into the Festival?

You may be asked for ID, so to be on the safe side, please bring either your passport, driving licence or credit/debit card. If ID is for proof of age – it needs to be a passport or driving licence.

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Once I arrive, is the site easy to get around?

Yes, there is only one entrance to the main site. This is easily accessible from the car park and shuttle drop off point. The campsite is part of the same field as the festival itself and is easy to find. There is a designated family & disabled camp area which will be signposted.

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I have a camper van/caravan/trailer-tent where do I camp?

Live-in vehicles must be parked in a specific field for caravans, which is located to the right of the main driveway, opposite the car park. The separation of the main camping area and the campervan field is necessary on safety grounds.

Where a family unit bring a campervan, they are allowed to erect a moderately sized tent next to their campervan. This is designed for children or people travelling together. Any additional cars must be in the main car park and a fee is chargable.

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Are there any power points available for live-in vehicles?

No, sorry. Nor are independent generators allowed.

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We are coming as a family, is there an area for us?

There will be an area for family camping, located as close as possible to the main toilets and showers. Please remember that family camping will tend to be noisy early in the morning and quiet late at night, so don’t necessarily head there without children to get a good night’s sleep! We do not allocate tickets for specific campsites, it’s on a first come first served basis and there should be ample space for everyone. Sorry, but family camping will not have a live in vehicle area.

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If I have a disability is this event suitable for me?

We have a dedicated page on this subject.
Please view the disability and accessibility page in the information section.

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I don’t have a tent, can I hire one?

Yes, you can – both tents, beautiful Tipi’s and Gypsy Caravans of various sizes, including sleeping bags etc. All through the fab people at Tangerine Fields:

Or you can hire a Yurt for you and your friends/family Please visit to view the full range of their yurts and accessories, or call Tobias on (01364) 73726.

New in 2013, we are also working with Hotel Bell Tent to provide you with beautifully furnish luxury bell tents. Check out their website

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Can I bring my pet?

Although they may be very well behaved, and however much they want to see some great bands, unfortunately no pets are allowed into the festival.

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Can I bring in my own alcohol?

Yes you can, but please don’t bring it in any kind of glass bottles as glass is not allowed anywhere on site. You’ll be pleased to know that there will be an interesting range of drinks available from about £3 per pint – we have set our bar prices so that you don’t have to bring your own. And there is also the Somerset Cider Bus of course. Bag searches take place at the gates and all glass will be removed.

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Can I bring food into the festival?

Yes you can, as long as it’s not in any kind of glass containers, jars or bottles as there’s a ‘No Glass’ policy on our site. However, there will be lots of stalls selling great food for breakfast, lunch and dinner from as many organic, fair trade, local and ethical sources as possible. Go on – treat yourself!

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Can I BBQ?

No, the festival is held in a beautiful victorian pleasure gardens. Therefore we need to look after it as best as we can and leave it looking untouched. There will be a camp fire each night in the main festival arena, pending the go-ahead from our lovely firemen, as they need to make sure weather conditions etc are right each night. Please join in the circle around the fire and maybe share a good old story or two.

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I am a trader / caterer – how do I apply to trade at the festival?

Application forms will be posted on the website in due course, please keep checking the website. All the information you need will be on this form, so please don’t send through any enquiries until you have read the form. If the form is not available on the website, this is because we are not taking applications yet.

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Will food and drink be reasonably priced then?

Yes. Our first objective is to make sure there is a great range of really good food and drinks: organic where possible, and always good quality. And our second objective is to ensure value. Ale and lager will be available from about £3 per pint.

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Can I get cash out at the festival?

Yes, there will be ATM / cash machines at the festival, and they are situated in the main arena near the bar and food stalls.

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We have a strict ‘No Drugs’ policy at End of the Road and our festival is chilled out and down to earth, so don’t come prepared for a craaaazyyyy weekend.
(this includes legal highs, laughing gas and nitrous oxide).

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Is it okay to bring my own sound system / stereo?

No, no amplified music and sound systems are allowed on the festival site nor the campsite.

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What does ‘leave no trace’ mean?

We believe in leaving the land the way that it was when we arrived. There is a ‘No Glass’ policy around the whole site and we encourage everyone to recycle as much as possible, and dispose of any other rubbish you have using the bins provided in the entertainment area and campsite. Please remember that cigarette butts also have to be removed from the ground so please don’t drop them! Butt canisters will be available throughout the festival site.

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Is it a good idea to bring children?

We have lots of entertainment especially for children. They will also get a special wristband to wear with space to write their parents’ mobile numbers in case they get lost. There will be a supervised meeting point for lost children at the festival and this will be clearly signposted and information of the location will also be in the programme and in the Information Point.

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When will I be entertained?

(rough timings, subject to change)

Friday: 1pm ish – midnight
Saturday: 12pm ish – midnight
Sunday: 12pm ish – midnight

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Will my tent be safe?

Stewards & Security will make regular patrols around the camp sites, 24 hours a day. Please don’t invite any potential thieves, no matter how friendly they may seem – at night, keep valuables close to you; at the bottom of your sleeping bag, or in your pillow case, are good ideas! The most sensible thing would be to not bring any valuables at all, if possible. And if you have valuables that you don’t want to carry around, Friends of the Earth are providing a FREE lock up service – please do make use of this.

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Is there any lock up service for valuables?

Friends of the Earth are providing a free lock up service at the festival.

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Where will I find lost property?

The Campsite Office will keep lost property and be open Thursday 3pm – 11pm, Friday to Sunday from 11am-11pm and Monday from 9.30am-1.00pm so please try to get there before you leave.

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And who can I contact after the festival for lost property?

Please e-mail Please give a clear description of the lost item (colour, size, distinguishing features). If it is a mobile phone, please provide us with the IMEI number.

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What if I want to buy a CD by an artist playing the festival?

We encourage the artists to sell their CDs, vinyls, t-shirts, etc from the side of their stage after their performance. End of The Road does not take a commission as this is an important income stream for musicians. If they sell out, please also try the Rough Trade stall on site.

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How do I keep up to date with the festival plans?

You can keep checking back to our website for the latest news, or join our mailing list for breaking news, special offers, and confirmed bands before they are officially released!

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Are flags permitted?

Flags in front of stages is not what the festival is all about, we are here to enjoy / watch good music and company, not look at pretty flags! Flags will be permitted in the campsite, but not in the village and stage areas.

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